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An NX Class & Luna Class Seek Quality Writers & Players!

Come, See & Discover in the 22nd Century!

Six months after it's near destruction the Discovery NX-06 is ready to return to active duty. Outfitted with the latest technology and rebuilt from it's cripple predecessor the Discovery is ready to again venture into the far reaches of space, boldly going where braver men would dare not travel.

The Discovery NX-06 is one of the newest simm in Bravo Fleet's NX Division set in 2162. Under the Command of Commander Olivia Saugn she still needs a crew. Many positions Available and ready for anyone ready to face a time when life wasn't so comfortable. Forget about replicators, abandon thoughts of sonic showers. In this era there are no shields and phasers aren't necessarily going to work, but if you think you have what it takes to stand with the crew stop on by our lovely little site and apply today~

Site: NX-06 Discovery Home Page

Or if you want to advance to the 24th Century...

Have you ever fancied the challenge of writing for non-human characters? Well why not join the USS Triton? We’re a recently established simm under the leadership of an experienced Game Master who is eager to find a crew who want to explore the stars and all the other fantastic sci-fi events that can happen in a Trek simm!

We’re a Luna Class starship and our mission is to return back to the stars of exploration and keep the peace for the Federation.

So if you fancy joining us and possible playing a Trill diplomatic/contact specialist officer, a Betazoid counsellor or even an Andorian operations officer then get in contact! We're looking to establish a diverse crew. Even if your main played character is human we encourage all our players to write for an alien secondary non-played character.

The following senior staff spots are open:
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Counsellor / Diplomatic Officer (this is a duel role)

That's not to say we're not interested in anyone playing any junior positions. Already we have an assistant chief flight control officer, why not join our experienced Chief Science Officer in running our science department? Ever fancied playing Seven of Nine's role in running Astrometrics? Or even a fan of the Titan novel series and want to try a new alien from there. Let us know!!

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