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I really, really liked this movie. Usually I refuse to see a movie until I've read up on it a lot beforehand, because I'm so afraid of wasting time watching a movie I don't like when there are so many classics I need to see. I made an exception for this one because it was sort of forced on me.

I was with a friend at another friend's house and he asked us to watch it with him, so I decided to give it a shot since I hadn't heard anything bad (or good) about it. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was a very cool and original horror comedy (we don't get many of those these days, at least not that I'm aware of), and I fully expected it to gain a cult following, at which point I could proudly say I knew about it before it was cool.

Four years later, I'm disappointed that it seems to be toiling in relative obscurity. Oddly enough, it is not (as I had suspected) the work of an up-and-coming young director, but rather a 50 year old guy directing his first full-length movie. I wonder if it would be better known if it had been done by an ambitious young filmmaker who could be prolific making flicks year after year since.

Two last things I want to mention - first, how impressed I was by the female lead, who reminded me of a young Drew Barrymore. I really thought she'd go places after I saw this. Second, I loved the ending. It was like a great, darkly humourous punchline that the whole movie had built up to.
The ending seemed keeping in line with the whole "men are all sex-seeking perverts" thing as every man she encounters in the movie uses or manipulates her in some way just to get into her pants. Even the doctor exploited his position over her. (I find it hard to believe, however, that she made through puberty without ever having a pelvic exam, something I suspect is common for young girls to get at some point when growing up.)

But whatever, it was fun. I liked it when she was sleeping with the guy she actually liked -thinking sleeping with a man she liked would get rid of the teeth or something- only to find out he was bragging about scoring with her and had a bet on it as well she finds this out as she's riding him so she just "bites" him while giving him a cross look. Heh.

Fun movie, won't likely ever watch it again but I liked it. I don't think it's lack of being a cult-classic yet is a sign of anything with some movies it can take time for that to happen. I don't know when it became available on Netflix's OD service but if it was recent that should give the movie a boost in viewership.
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