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Re: Star Trek: Nightingale

Commentary on Chapter 5:

Torlikís fortunate not only to have an opportunity for a fresh start on a new ship, but to have someone willing to listen to his problems. Granted, he didnít take the opportunity to share with Paul, but the fact that a fellow crewmember cared enough to offer is something at least.

It certainly appears that the Ďofficialí account of what happened aboard Victory has been buried by Starfleet Command. The cover story doesnít do Torlik justice, and was doubtless put in place to paper over the captainís cowardice and dereliction of duty. Itís a damn shame that heís had to live with those nightmares and the stain the incident has left on his professional reputation.

The conversation between Dr. Burton and Commander Hawke finally sheds some light on Burtonís bad attitude. Her fragile emotional state is obviously impacting how she interacts with other personnel, and clearly not for the better.
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