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Re: Neve Campbell: Babe of the week #16 (Apr. 2011)

Yoda wrote: View Post
I didn't say anything about food or weight. A little research about fat, weight, exercise, and caloric intake might do you some good.
As a diabetic, I probably know more about proper diet and exercise than you do. That said, you made the comment about the treadmill regarding a woman with a healthy weight.

It wasn't just your post, it's your mindset. That same mindset that convinces women to think they're somehow overweight or ugly, that they're worthless unless they submit to an extreme view of beauty. Your comments are just symptomatic of a greater issue that we're dealing with as a civilized society. In a society where women are already stigmatized for being "overweight", where there are hundreds of thousands of young girls who think that unless they're a damned skeleton, they're fat and ugly. Where women are "plus" size when they're well within healthy guidelines.

You insist that you'd tell a thin woman to eat a cheeseburger, as if that's somehow better. There are plenty of people who metabolize food rapidly. They could eat that cheeseburger and not gain a pound, and yet they too are stigmatized. So what do they do? Too fat? Too skinny? By whose standard? Yours? Mine? There's nothing wrong with saying whether someone's "hot" or "not", because we all have different standards of beauty, but what you advocated wasn't a different standard, it was a detrimental statement about a perfectly healthy person. In a sea of shallow comments, yours was a rocky outcropping.
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