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Re: Neve Campbell: Babe of the week #16 (Apr. 2011)

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Comments like what Yoda made are, indeed, why some many women these days have eating disorders and body issues.
Yep. It's my fault, all those young girls looking at this thread, their body images destroyed by my commentary.
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You people are nuts. I didn't say stop eating. I said get on the treadmill. That's just good advice in general. It would make her healthier and make her look better. Win/win.

It's amazing how preachy some of you are while participating in these completely superficial polls
Well, I've only made two down votes, ever, and only on those times because I didn't like the actress or the character(s) she has played.
Yes, you do have crazy sounding vote criteria. But whatever floats your boat.
You, on the other hand, routinely give women who are older than 30 a down and now, apparently, found a woman of perfectly average size to be a fatty who needs to get on a treadmill. Your comment certainly wasn't of the variety of "give some definition to your body" it was much more of one "she's fat and needs to lose weight."
I hand out my Thumbs Down votes when I don't find the babe in question attractive. That includes the 20-something butter faces as well. With Neve Campbell it's that she was borderline to begin with in her heyday, and she doesn't have the figure...
I think your reputation in these threads has ruined any "credibility" you may have when it comes to your voting and the comments you make with the vote.

It's a 'hot or not' thread, it's not that complicated. Why so serious?
Yeah, these polls are superficial and when we boil down to it we're judging these women on their looks, though some base it on how well they're known, the movies they've done, their personal lives, etc. But verrrry rarely have I ever seen someone make such a bold comment about an actress' size -unless the actress is anorexically thin- ("anorexically" used to differentiate bettween a woman who purges and/or under-eats and a woman who just of the type that cannot gain weight.)
I'll say a woman who looks too thin should eat a damned cheeseburger too. She doesn't even have to be anorexic. She might just be too skinny for me to personally find her that attractive. Is that offensive too?
So, yeah, when you say a woman of normal size is a "down" and needs to hit a treadmill, sorry, if we think you're being a little suggestive as to her size.
I'm suggesting if she had a nice midriff I may have voted up, but she doesn't.

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"I didn't say she should stop eating, I said she needed to lose a little weight for my benefit!"
I didn't say anything about food or weight. A little research about fat, weight, exercise, and caloric intake might do you some good.
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