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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

elaithin wrote: View Post
I'd like to see a mix-and-match of the 'fresh start' and 'returning crew'

Captain Ro Laren - okay, cool. I like this.

First Officer - Sam Lavelle? Maybe even play with some of the material from the TNG DW books involving him an Ro. Or even better - Thomas Riker!

CMO - Bashir, of course.

Security Chief - Lt. Commander Nog, returned from the Challenger. Quark would still be around, and it would be a fun counterpoint to have Nog filling Odo's shoes.

Ops - Chief O'Brien finally returns.

Sciences - Mixed. I'm not sure if I want Shar back, or someone new. Leaning towards someone new.

After that, a couple other new characters to fill things out wouldn't be bad. Aventine could come by for missions periodically, as could the Robinson, depending on how that story goes.
DigificWriter wrote: View Post
If I had the privilege of selecting the DS9 relaunch main cast going forward from RBoE and ZSG, it would be as follows:
Ro Laren (Commanding officer)
New character (First officer)
Prynn Tenmei
Julian Bashir (Chief medical officer)
Phillipa Matthias (Chief counselor)
New character (Chief of Operations)
Tariq Rahim (Chief science officer)
Quark (Barkeep/Ferengi ambassador)
Kira Nerys (Bajoran temple administrator/spiritual leader)
With the poll - I would go with a 'Full Circle'-type novel/trilogy to fill in the gap and then continue from there. However I would like to see the Aventine crew included with future stories - with the Gamma Quadrant available they could even be assigned to there as Ezri would be one of the most Gamma-experienced command officers in Starfleet due to Dax's experiences on DS9, which also brings in opportunities to bring back Odo & Taran'atar. Then have a combination of DS9 stories - some dealing with Aventine/Gamma Quadrant & some with DS9/Bajor-Cardassia and some combined.

As for the DS9 crew - I like the idea of Sam Lavelle , however instead of First Officer I would put him into the former 'Ezri/Worf' position - First Officer/Chief of Security/Tactical Officer of the Defiant & Second Officer of DS9 only because I think a Commanding Officer/First Officer situation between Ro & Sam could possibly hinder the continuation of their TNG DW relationship.

As for some of the other crew-gaps:
* Ayala as Chief of Security - from Voyager, with former-Maquis Ro in charge it could easily introduce the opportunity to expand on his character.

* Fo Hachesa as First Officer(DS9)/Command(Defiant) - from Titan.

Ayala & Fo Hachesa, simply because I liked the characters and believe they had alot of potential and don't want to see them end up in character-limbo.
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