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Re: SCRE4M (Film 2011) Discussion/Grade *Spoilers!*

I just got back from seeing it. I can't say I enjoyed it.

I found it to be the worst opening sequence of the series. Critics seemed to say it was brilliant and clever. I didn't think so. Easily the worst teaser of the series, in my opinion.

It just wasn't very good. It's a film that is clearly stuck in the 90s. The formula just doesn't seem to really work anymore. The "rules" that were set up in this film were lame and couldn't have disagreed more with them.

Gail wasn't the Gail that I remember. I miss her being the pushy and outspoken reporter that she was in the previous movies. I didn't feel she had any good moments here. Dewey was the same. He seemed to take a backseat for this one and did nothing but drive around in his cruiser at 900 miles per hour. The main characters were an issue for me too. None of them seemed to even care about one another.

I vividly remember seeing Scream 2 and 3 in the theater. The audience was having a hell of a good time. The audience would jump, scream, and then laugh afterward -- especially in Scream 3. Say what you want about that film, but I found it to be extremely entertaining and funny; especially the scenes involving the real Gale and the actress Gale. In the screening I went to, no one jumped, screamed, nothing. This movie just continued the trend of the third film in that it simply turned into the movie the first two spoofed in the first place.

There's just been too much time. This day and age doesn't seem appropriate for a movie like this anymore. Unlike the original, I don't think we're going to see a resurgence of slasher films.
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