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Re: Fringe: "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" - April 15 on FOX

Let's assume that was the point although I'm not sure I buy it. The problem is the whole venture into her mind really didn't explore her or have her truly confront any of those things that bothered her--it got brief lipservice and her change in attitude was far too easy--I didn't buy it. Most of the time inside her head was running around by the cartoon characters of Peter, Walter and Bell. Also it seemed a rather awkward bit of prolonged set-up to get there. Bell was just wasted and a way to stall the story to time it with the season finale. The show just doesn't have enough material to sustain 2 episodes so we get a whole bunch of filler.

Really I prefer the first two seasons over this year--I thought season three through 19 episodes is quite weak with a whole stretch right after the new year til the last 3 episodes that was totally forgettable.
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