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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

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I would have felt that forcing Jarol out of the military, at this point, would be sufficient--and rather than a labor camp, make her spend the rest of her life, until her health requires that she stop working, in community service. And I would even have been OK with her serving that Nokarian heritage organization because a nonprofit is at the mercy of people's donations.
She's been a soldier all her life. I am not sure she would know how to find herself in a civilian life. She's not well educated beyond military service, she doesn't have any special skills except for how to shoot a rifle. She doesn't know anything else. Maybe something about politics after dealing with it for 20 years, but since she had left, she isn't interested in it any longer and certainly not now.

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I think that would make it an appropriate punishment for her crime: she would spend the rest of her life answering to what others wanted.
I'm not sure she would consider it punishment. She never had problems with taking orders from her superiors (except for one). She didn't climb to top ranks just to limit the number of people who would be able to order her.

In her understand she had been doing what the people wanted. If she did that now--for real, as you assume--she wouldn't feel punished or uncomfortable about it. IF she were able to work at all. She might fear she'd do something very wrong again and miserably fail.
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I also don't think that Brenok is tainted in the same way as Jarol...she has been an undue influence on him at times (I think that without her influence, assuming he hadn't been attacked by that Klingon, he might have made different decisions), but he is the kind of person who has a conscience and takes personal responsibility for things. He never hid from himself or pushed his problems onto other people.
For Colissa they are both the same. She doesn't see in Brenok anything that would make him better than Jarol. And right now she sees him as even more dangerous, because Jarol is just in command of some station and he is where he has been for last 20 years, holding a lot of power in his hands.

In addition she doesn't agree with his decisions and reforms. One of those "reforms" is going to be obvious soon.

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But Jarol actually is wrong about one thing. Her conscience will always torment her. But her children--her real children--I think would get to see her again, because now she understands what she did wrong, and she's actually sorry. I think that from the real Mayel and Corat she has forgiveness.
Right now she is sure they hate her and reject her. I'm not even sure she believes Laran when he tells her that he loves her.
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