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Re: SCRE4M (Film 2011) Discussion/Grade *Spoilers!*

I've got to say I was quite disappointed with the film. The other films can still make me jump a dozen times; this film only accomplished such once. It wasn't scary. It wasn't funny. It was just dull.

Very minor spoilers follow.

Ghostface (voice) was so much a cardboard cut-out without any real psychology, it was pathetic. Dewey had next to no character; he just drove around a lot and was in charge of a bunch of bad cops. Gail had a moment or two, but little of her old zeal. Sidney, well, she played much less of a scared victim - which was nice - but like the rest, her character was fairly lacking. There was just no thrill or terror, no suspense at all. The film was mostly devoted to the new generation of wanna-bes, none of whom where more than screen props. The film had but a handful of moments with the original 3 that made it worth-while, but otherwise was just a sad example of failure on all levels.

The film had script problems during filming, and such is obvious.
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