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ENTER! - Avatar Contests - Bounty & Let's Not

Previously, in the ENT Avatar Contests....

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Without further ado, here are bloodied and battle-weary winners:

First up in our episode category, Admiral Shran snags the Ultimate Sceptor of ENT Avatar contests for a little bit o' Xindi weaponry (nasty stuff that):

(that's right people, I brought back the Golden Porthos!)

Puppy kisses goes to our beloved mod, and my Vulcan-bonded sis, HopefulRomantic for "Heroic Archer":

Next up, in our theme category, JiNX-01 takes home the "I Get to Choose The Next Theme Because I'm that Awesome" rights with a nice shot of Mr. Bakula's very smexy arm. (Oh was there something else in the avatar? I didn't see):

And coming in for a close second is HopefulRomantic again (lots of puppy kisses for you today, hon) with another Archer avatar, this time featuring our very own Ambassador Cranky-pants:

Next up: Bounty. While Archer's away, the hot and bothered T'Pol comes out to play. The real question though: Did Phlox end up "helping" our lovely Vulcan???
And so, backward we continue to Bounty.

Our theme this time, as suggested by JiNX, will be Let's Not - meaning "any ENT scene where you wish that someone with clout had said 'Let's Not.'"

Same rules apply for entries - 140x140 or 140k max size.

The entry thread will remain open for four days, until Wednesday morning.

Now off we go. Let's see some steamy, pon-farring avatars.

****EDIT TO ADD****

It looks like I might have to sit this one out, as Photobucket is having massive problems that affect 1% of their user base, which I oh so happily fall into. Hopefully, they'll finally have it resolved before Wednesday.
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