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Re: Fringe: "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" - April 15 on FOX

Poor. I'm trying to figure out what was the point of this "Bell possessing Olivia" diversion over the last few episodes and it looks like there was none other than to stall. The writers didn't take an opportunity to have Bell reveal some new insights about the machine, weiss, walternate.

We didn't get to see much in the way of Bell and Walter interaction. So why bring back Bell or Nimoy in such a lame fashion if not to at least do more with it than they did. The trip inside Olivia's head was dull--I've seen it done a thousand times. The cartoon stuff was just lame. Oh and we needed Broyles to have an acid trip. I had heard Jasika say this was her favorite episode but I don't know what she saw in it. It was awful. And the whole way that Olivia returned was anti-climatic dull and unimaginative.

This show can only do mythology stories well. Thankfully for them the next three episodes ought to be good. Certainly better than this years "Brown Betty".
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