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I managed to stop the fire, there was a decent sized plain in between that forest and mine but for a large stand of trees, I covered that area in water until the fire burned out. Now that area is a large plain full of ghost lights....

Oddest thing. I find that if I dig in one, the light completely disappears.
Weird. I've seen the opposite happen when I'm cutting down trees, as the leaves decay they sometimes leave shadows on the ground as though they were still there. They tend to go away if I leave the area and come back. Perhaps it has something to do with the new lighting system?

Speaking of light, most of the major work on my village is complete, all buildings are finished and torches are in place. I still need to raise the walls on my fortress and the town walls, I need to redirect the stream near Impossible Falls so that it flows out to sea (something I meant to do ages ago) and build a path around the other side of town, then work in that area will be complete. But I just had mcmap make me a map of my world at night to see what it's like, and this is what it came up with:

My world is brighter than North Korea. It looks like everything behind the town walls should be bright enough to stop monsters spawning, now I just need to find enough coal to light up the rest of my world.
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