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Re: Planet of the Titans U.S.S. Enterprise

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@Santaman - yep, it's a big one...

@publiusr - I've always wondered what the point of a shuttle carrier would be. I could see a large colony transport having a lot of shuttles but a ship dedicated to carrying a lot of shuttles, unless it also has the space to house all of the people the shuttles are ferrying, I don't see the point. Unless the point of the ship is just to ferry shuttles but even that seems more the job of a cargo ship. I haven't completely settled on what the Teller's role will be yet, but I've decided it's definitely going to be a "one of" and something of a spruce goose among starships.
It's supposed to be a CV in space, whether it's a sujpercarrier like we build today, or an escort carrier or other variation as we built in WWII. The Ariel was supposed to have the crew to man all those shuttles. Of course, the Chandley was supposed to carry a whole lotta marines it didn't have room for either...
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