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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

I want Him to get his own ship, he is being wasted under the tng banner, what a few appears here and there. Give him a new ship ( not galaxy class everybody has a freakin galaxy class now a days). Bring back some of the cast and do like avertine and make cameos in other books, hell do a split book and combined the avertine , da vinci , and challenger under one banner each one could be explore the post borg war federation from a diffrent angle, avertine from a frontier ship view point, challenger and da vinci from the COE and trying to repair the tech of a damaged federation. We have forgotten that the federation has some pretty amazing tech out there within there own borders, super computer,s , space time tech etc. star trek :federation( yes i know it already a book) but im talkng about a on going one as seen from the diffrent crews of the federation
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