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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I agreed with Colissa almost totally in the way she handled the situation. (We'll get to the one disagreement later.) What Jarol did was absolutely wrong. But by subverting the law to get revenge, she'd be doing exactly the same thing Jarol did--becoming a law unto herself. And the same thing with ordering a sentence as cruel as shikrat. All that does is satisfy the vengeful desires of the living. If a person is dangerous enough that they have to be executed, then the execution should be to end that danger--not to get revenge, and should be done cleanly, and the purpose of witnesses (though I think very few witnesses should be present for such a thing and NO minors, EVER) should be simply to verify that it's done. NOT to enjoy revenge, because the necessity of such a thing means there is a failure that must be mourned. Not celebrated.

I would have felt that forcing Jarol out of the military, at this point, would be sufficient--and rather than a labor camp, make her spend the rest of her life, until her health requires that she stop working, in community service. And I would even have been OK with her serving that Nokarian heritage organization because a nonprofit is at the mercy of people's donations. In other words, she could only do what the people wanted; if she dissatisfied them, they'd cut off the money because no one makes them donate or else. (Though honestly, I think she would do it right.) And doing something like that, she would have to give something to the people that they wanted, not what SHE wanted and was going to force them to like, as though they were children complaining about the meal put in front of them. I think that would make it an appropriate punishment for her crime: she would spend the rest of her life answering to what others wanted. And not in a cruel way, but the kind that she could learn from rather than it just being sadism.

I am glad she got to hear from someone outside her little circle that no, the people did NOT love everything she did, and she was arrogant to assume that she could just enforce her will on them as though she was the be-all end-all of Cardassia. That is exactly the same attitude Dukat had, that led him to the Dominion.

But Colissa is right: the law must not be abused, and that form of order is more important because without it, the rest doesn't exist. Executing her on those charges wouldn't be right.

The one place where I think Colissa indulged herself in getting revenge was the comment that Jarol was a bad mother and Brenok was a bad father. That's always been the one place where Jarol was still pure, to use Colissa's term. I also don't think that Brenok is tainted in the same way as Jarol...she has been an undue influence on him at times (I think that without her influence, assuming he hadn't been attacked by that Klingon, he might have made different decisions), but he is the kind of person who has a conscience and takes personal responsibility for things. He never hid from himself or pushed his problems onto other people.

(I wish, though, that he would find a healthier way to express his problems, though. I keep telling you, Gul Berat would be happy to lend Brenok his "endless pool" if physical activity would help Brenok with the stress. After all, exercise, done in a healthy way, is self-improvement, not self-destruction. Says the lazy person who cannot seem to remember to get on her exercise bike. )

But Jarol actually is wrong about one thing. Her conscience will always torment her. But her children--her real children--I think would get to see her again, because now she understands what she did wrong, and she's actually sorry. I think that from the real Mayel and Corat she has forgiveness.
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