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I'm currently building what I'm calling my "great western highway"; a lava floor lit road, six blocks wide, about ten to fifteen blocks above sea level and equipped with two lanes of railway with the intent of creating a fast and safe path to a new biome.
Cool, a luxury railway line. I'm just about arsed enough to put gravel under my single rail-track, the idea of a 6 meter-wide track with lava and glass is mind-blowing for me.

Notch has announced that ladders will be fixed, so there'll be no more gaps, but the crafting recipe will now give you two ladders, so it's the same difference. (Except I'll have to fix all my currently existing ladders.) He has also said that he'll fix the side-grass issue so that it's no longer the pre-biome light green. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but it sure took him long enough. I always had difficulty determining what biome I was in while in a boat as I could only see the sides of the grass. The fact that all my trees look diseased since that update in January only made it harder.
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