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Re: Star Trek: Nightingale

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Nice Start, I like the time period also, little discussed in trek indeed
thanks, i hope you enjoy the rest of the story

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Commentary on Chapter 3:

V'ras is an interesting fellow, and quite unconventional, even by Vulcan standards. Dr. Burton, however, seems all too familiar… a physician with little concern for anything that doesn’t immediately affect her or her department. Fortunately, she’s got Nurse Williams there to help keep her grounded and balanced.

I appreciated the interaction between V’ras and the captain, and the patience the engineer showed with the captain mucking about in his business. Good stuff.
Thanks for your further feedback. V'ras is one of my favourite characters, very unique traits to him. Burton certainly has a chip on shoulder, but considering the design of the ship being based around medical, i think she can think its all about here at times. the conversation between vras and wilcox was fun to do, and is something not seen often in starfleet, the captain getting too involved.
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