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Going back to reply to some things I meant to cover sooner.
Canadave wrote: View Post
I swear I become ADD when I play Minecraft, these days. My thought process in MP this afternoon was "MAKE A WATERFALL! NO EXPLORE! STOP AND BUILD A HUT! NO A FENCE AND A BRIDGE! COME BACK AND WORK ON CASTLE! GO MINE! MINE MINE MINE!"
Oh lord tell me about it. I was walking out to look for sheep yesterday and passed by the giant waterfall by my house and said to myself "Self, I bet a pathway behind the waterfall would be really cool. Soon the pathway turned into a small room with walls made of water. Then a second room. Then before I knew it, I was building a spiral staircase up through the mountain and back to the yard outside my treehouse with a nice little railing around it. Ugh. It just never stops.

Hoser wrote: View Post
I mostly build stuff so my son can run around inside and do whatnot to it. He's burnt down the pirate ship I've built him several times....I just finished off a tunnel to an undersea dome facility. I can't wait to see him drown it.

Today was a day of slimes. I've never seen them before, then today as I exited a monster trap area I came acrossed a herd of the little guys. I wish I could make them pets.
Thats one of the things I love about this game. Its apropriate for all ages. I hope you've got your game backed up so you don't have to keep rebuilding that ship.

Yeah, I have a couple of slimes down in my mine. The smaller ones are okay, but the huge ones pack quite a punch. They're fine unless there are lava pools around that they can bump you into.

itisnotlogical wrote: View Post

There might be an above-ground lava source nearby (which is a VERY rare and neat occurrence). If there is, mark the location somehow and build a house around it.
I have a couple of those on my current map. Just friggin cool. One is a huge pool. The other is flowing out of a cliffside into the water.
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