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Re: Breaking In - New FOX Comedy - Christian Slater, Bret Harrison

This show is definitely a case of shallow, unimaginative writing being propped up by genuine comic talents in the cast. I'll stick with it on the hopes that, even if the writing never improves, it will give the cast more material to work with, and at least they can provide the entertainment value. Introducing Slater's frakked up marriage is a good step. The more backstory the characters get, the more the actors have to work with. The missions themselves are uninteresting.

I don't get why we should care about Bret chasing his co-worker. He doesn't have any chemistry with her, it's just not something to root for, unless they make Rosenbaum more of a dirtbag, which would push the writing even more in the direction of cliche, which isn't the direction they should be going in. Also, if she has a dirtbag boyfriend, she should dump his ass, and if she doesn't, it's because she's an idiot and then why would we want Bret to be stuck with a stupid girlfriend? Chuck and Sarah, this ain't.
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