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The nerfing of biotics is a general symptom of ME2's problems overall. A lot of the changes they made went farther than they really needed to go. I kind of think BioWare overreacted to some of the responses they got from ME1, and instead of making everyone happy, they just ended up alienating a completely different group of people instead. Hopefully they pulled it back a bit and ME3 will be a better balance between both of its predecessors.

And yeah, it was crazy fun going through ME1 with three characters with at least some biotics.
yeah I agree. I would like them to bring back some equipment customization as well. It's not a must but I would still like it.
If reports are right they're doing exactly that. While I welcome it in principle, I hope it'll take a similar form as the armour upgrade and customisation system from ME2 rather than reverting to looting. One of the many things they got right with ME2 was just completely doing away with the inventory system.

Aside from the obvious that it's completely ridiculous to have one soldier carrying around enough weapons and armour to equip half the Bolivian army, the idea that you should be able to change armour mid-fire fight is just beyond ludicrous. The method of scanning/reverse engineering or buying tech upgrades and applying them between missions makes so much more sense and takes a lot of the drudgery and grind out of the RPG experience.

I know a lot of old school RPG gamers defend looting and grinding mechanics rather vehemently (though Dagon knows why) but for me, even in games I enjoyed like Fallout, the most tedious part was carting the mountains of useless weapons, armour and other items to the nearest merchant so you can afford to buy something half decent. Even in a fantasy RPG it makes little to no sense for someone to be able to walk around with so much crap.

I recently decided to give Oblivion another try but I'm barely past level 2 and I'm already bored and have little interest in continuing knowing what a slow grind it's going to be and frankly, the plot just isn't gripping me (don't even get me started on the scenery!)
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