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ENTER! VOY Avatar Contest: Jetrel

Thanks for all those that participated and voted in the last contest, Here;

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Well, in that case, I'll shut this petaq down now!

This week's winners are -

- Episode -


- Theme -


- Random -


Congratulations to the winners! Jetfire its up to ya to run the next contest & pick the theme. CorporalCaptain its up to you to pick the random theme.
New Contest! Season 1 ep 15 "Jetrel"
A member of the Haakonians, a race warring with the Talaxians arrives on Voyager, much to the dismay of Neelix, whose family was killed by them.
Episode: Jetrel
(As seen above)

VOY Theme: Enemies At War!
(Pretty self explanatory. As chosen by Jetfire. )

Random: Undeveloped SF&F
(An avatar depicting some science fiction or fantasy property, that has yet to enter either film or television development, or that has been trapped in "development hell", by being in film or TV development for, say, two or more years. As chosen by CorporalCaptain.)

Will give you 4 days to enter not counting until the 18th and voting on the 19th till 21st/22nd or so...3 days.

TrekBBS rules apply; The maximum size of your custom image is 140 by 140 pixels or 140.0 KB (whichever is smaller).