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And wait. Rationing coal? Thats one I've never heard of. I usually end up with so much I just ignore it after a couple of days.
I haven't had to worry about my coal supply for a long time, but over the last few weeks it has been dwindling slowly. It began with my road/bridge over to my monster trap which required a lot of smooth stone, then I had to cook up some glass for another underwater tunnel, now I'm placing so many torches in my village that I fear I'll run out and need to start mining again.

Charcoal isn't an option either as all the wooden huts I'm building are taking all the wood I'm cutting down. I spent over half an hour today chopping down trees and came back with 6 stacks of logs, but that was all used up in about an hour.

I should have it finished by the weekend, then I think I might focus on Mount Vulcan and the completion of my rail-line to Bartlet Cove. I started that back in October so it is kind of embarrassing that it's still a WIP. With the release of proper boosters next week, now seems like a good time to finish the job.
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