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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

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Well hello.

I believe that this is the correct place to be to give a proper introduction. If I'm wrong, someone please tell me so!

To cut to the chase, I guess you can call me Weyoun Ten for now. Weyoun Elven might be activated soon at this rate. **chuckles* Bad joke, I'm a total Trekki though.

Anyways, I'm here regarding Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I had a large interest in the series in the 90's when I was younger.

I am a person who loves to write RP as cannons that I can connect with easily and portray online as if you were speaking with the real character from the series. In this case and for the first time for me, its gonna be Weyoun (a friend of mine is making an ST NG RPG that I plan to have the cannon of Weyoun in).

A friend of mine is starting up his own Star Trek: Next Generation based RPG that is still in the works. We plan it to be quite an active site, though, I am not here to advertise.

On his RP site, even though it is NG, I plan to write as Weyoun and portray the Vorta as best of my writing abilities, mainly due to the fact that cross-overs from DS9 and NG have happened before where people like Warf and O'Brian went from the Enterprise to DS9 to continue working in Starfleet. Plus Weyoun makes a pretty good bad guy and given the plot that is in the works, there is going to be a war.

When my friend said the words, "there's going to be a war somehow," I instantly thought of Weyoun being in the RPG along with some other cannons and not having the whole RPG made up of OC's (I know from personal experience that it gets boring when its like that).

Overall though, I am mainly seeking input on the history and behaviors/personality of Weyoun so I might be able to get this personality down for the RPG that is in the works as well as all the aspects of the war that took place in the Gamma Quadrant/Alpha Quadrant during the years DS9 took place.

Yes, yes, I know Weyoun Eight was killed off, and that a Ninth one appeared in a book I have yet to get my paws on, but that does not mean that a Tenth one could have been created somehow by Section 31 after the war had ended, or an old Dominion Supporter got a hold of Weyouns' DNA and managed to make another one so to have a great pawn when a new war broke out.

Okay so this post is damn long. Forgive me but I hate being interrogated and missing any little details!! >_< That has happened too many times on some fourms as I have observed but had no part in.

Anyhow, Hi. Care to help me out somehow? lol? =D

I find it is almost the whole meaning of irony how you cn find so many traits in weyoun, the flow of his whole being to be so facinating where the character himself has no concept of artistic talents or love of art and/ or theatre,
i applaud you fr finding so much in this character
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