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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

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Sort of new to these parts, and I have to admit I'm a bit intimidated by the prospect of wading my way into these parts. I have to say that I still think DS9 is the best the franchise had to offer, and it's disappointing that it gets overlooked so much. In my opinion, this series has only gotten better with age, while other shows like TNG have aged very poorly.

Anyway, I didn't see any introduction thread in here, so I hope no one minds that I made my own.
I think that is a bit strong to say TNG aged poorly, DS9 did bring pretty much all ranges of races, ships, weaponary and stories the universe had to offer, but if you think about it, TNG was the baby steps for this new idea to be created, so the Gama quadrent was born into the life of trek fans, and war was brought with it...
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