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Re: The Hobbit to be shot at 48fps

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I'm curious to see how high frame rate movies look, especially since games that run at 60 fps have this fantastic, fluid look to them.
In other words, stuff will look like videotape rather than film. Sounds like a great move to me.
Entirely wrong.

This is good news. If guys like Jackson and Cameron continue to champion new tech like this and 3D, with their incredibly successful records, the industry will follow suit sooner or later.

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I assume it will also be released in a 24fps version so other theaters can also show it, right?
No, this kind of movie is increasingly distributed digitally now and by the time The Hobbit is released they'll be able to book as many digital theaters as they need to.

As far as mass commercial entertainment is concerned, film is going the way of vinyl.
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