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Virtual Enterprise D for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force - WIP


Some of you may remember me. About two years ago I was posting screenshots of my TOS mod for a very old game called "Mysteries of the Sith", which may be viewed here: and

I gave up on it shortly afterwards due to life getting in the way and a reasonable frustration with using such an old gaming engine.

I got the itch to start a new project on a gaming engine newer than the one I was using. Currently I'm using the Quake III engine, which is quite outdated by today's standards, but is easy enough for one person to undertake a small MOD. Plus, I can use the QIII-engine game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (STVEF) to save myself some time since it already has stock Star Trek weapons, NPC's, models, and textures built in (although I am making all textures from scratch, minus the ones used on weapons, etc)

So here we are...the beginnings of my Virtual Enterprise D mod for STVEF. Basically I will feature portions of a few key decks on the Enterprise for you to walk around, admire, and interact with. (This is in no means going to be a complete deck-by-deck project)

It's not as good as some of the other CG renderings people have done of the "D" interiors, nor does it look up to par with today's gaming graphics, but it is what it is. Take a look!

(Due to limitations of the gaming engine, I was not able to reflect both the bottom transporter pad and the top transporter pad. Two mirrored surfaces in the QIII engine cannot face each other. Also, forgive the choppy lighting in some areas. I'm still learning to mod this game, and so far have had no success with getting smoother lighting around curves)









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