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Re: THE CROW reboot finds its director

The thing is, Eric Draven was a guitarist in a rock band. James O'Barr based his look on that of Robert Smith, while Brandon Lee adopted a sinewy Iggy Pop body look for the movie.

Bradley Cooper doesn't look like a guitarist in an up and coming rock band. He looks like he might be in an AOR middle-of-the-road band at best. He's too old to be a struggling musician in an indie band. He looks yuppie-ish; if he's struggling, he's more like the guy who missed his chance at rock stardom and now plays in a covers band. Plus you don't really see too many bands who look like the sort of band in the original The Crow. So what will they do with Eric? Make him a rapper?

That's not to say that they couldn't re-write the character to suit someone like Cooper, but it just seems to be totally removed from the original graphic novel and movie.
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