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Re: Carrie Underwood: Babe of the week #15 (Apr. 2011)

Fair enough. Which is why, I suppose, I really only participate in these threads when it's more of a bracket-style playoff thing, pitting them against each other, rather than the one at a time deal. In that setting, you can look at the two, try to weigh them and decide on a favorite, which does it for you, etc.

Doing it individually seems pointless, as they are ALL fairly hot, that's how they made it there in the first place. At worst, IMO, should be the sideways vote for those that, while decent looking, just don't do it for you. Only time I've ever voted down is for someone who's REALLY out there, and I just don't "get" whatever is supposed to be hot about them. Someone like Dita Von Teese, for example, i just don't understand.

Only point I'd contest, i guess, is while one of these girls might not "do it" for you, it's beyond a stretch to really call any of them ugly. That's where I was questioning some of those votes, and what those people must see on a daily basis to call one of these girls (Carrie Underwood, in this example) boring washed-out trash. Sorry, no. Of course, that leads back to really just Up or Sideways as voting options, which is kinda boring, but as I see the whole thing as kinda pointless anyway, not sure where to go with it.

Like I said, the only versions of this that make sense are the contests where they're pitted against each other, as you can decide one way or the other on which works better FOR YOU, rather than trying to hold them to some random, ridiculous standard that don't even pass the smell test...
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