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I saw my first ever slime last week. My cousin was here and I was showing him my world, I went down into my mine and when I looked into one of the branches it was green. I thought that it was a graphical glitch at first, but once I realised what it was I left the mine without daring to bother it. It was a big bugger, almost as big as a ghast.

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Have you thought about using some smoothstone for a two tone effect and cross shaped windows for the temple?
I decided not to put a cross or any real-world religious symbolism in there, I even changed its name from Church of Notch to Temple of Notch for that reason. It is clearly based on Christian churches as that's what I'm used to, but beyond that it's agnostic. As for smooth stone, that's out of the question right now as I'm rationing coal. I've got a few stacks of it already but, even with the extra coal that I kept stumbling across yesterday, I fear I will run out because of all the torches I will need to light up the area. I don't want to end up using my emergency torch reserve, that's strictly for the time when Notch replaces torches with lanterns (if ever).

As for the temple, I'm waiting for the introduction of pistons so that I can have a secret button that moves a section of the alter to provide secret access to my tunnel network. That will be some serious Assassin's Creed shit right there!

Currently looking for several hundred bits of wool for my airships balloon. So I can sympathize.
On the plus side, it allows you to explore areas you haven't seen before, which is something that you don't normally experience when mining for resources.

Also, I hope for your sake that lightning doesn't set things on fire, otherwise your airship will go up like the Hindenburg.

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That looks awesome, Ben. It looks like you built yourself a Great Wall
The wall is a bit stubby right now and I fear that spiders will be able to jump on it. Luckily, I have enough cobblestone left over from the temple that I should be able to raise the wall another block or two. I plan to do that same with the wall of my fortress.
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