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Re: Re-Imagined K'tinga/D7

I'm with Ro on this one: I think you may have finally addressed the single most prevalent design flaw in the otherwise perfect Matt Jefferies Klingon battle cruiser design: Sever its pencil-thin neck and it's toast.

What I'm looking forward to finding out is how you bring back the mean, menacing, cruel look to this otherwise sleek and elegant vessel. One of the other signature features of the original design is the pointed "shoulders," almost like bat's wings superimposed on a manta ray. Usually Klingon designs are portrayed a little "raw" and unrefined; yours is as sleek and sophisticated (so far) as any 24th century Federation vessel. I can see from the pieces of the Bird of Prey model in the background of your first photo that you know from experience what I'm talking about. If you can pull this off, you'll have several fan film producers flooding your e-mail inbox, I can assure you.

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