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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

Well this is more like it, after the rather lacking Typhon Pact, David A. McIntee has rescued the Star Trek fiction line for me, as it was on a knife edge.

Looking through the thread I note that people have criticized the amount of faces from the past being brought back, but to a large extent I had no problem with this whatsoever, in fact I really enjoyed that this novel brought to an end so many threads dangling from The Next Generation with Berlinghoff Rasmussen, Bok and the disappearance of the Hera.

I'm crap at writing detailed and, even coherent reviews, but McIntee has written a novel which, may not be up there with the pantheon of greats, was a bloody good read which I tore through in a couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed the intriguing tale he built around the Intrepid, the Hera and the Dutchmen.

If I had to level any criticism for this novel, it was the "second episode", as I like to refer to it. I'm aware that this was originally pitched as a duology and I really wish as it remained that way, as I believe that this episode really suffered and gave the appearance of being a little rushed. This also had the negative affect of not feeling the full effect of

These gripes don't prevent me from declaring the book outstanding, very rarely have the novels managed to emulate the episodic structure of TNG, but this has done it marvellously. It was great to see a few old faces returning, and some great new characters thrown into the mix. I just love Qat'qa.
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