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Re: Carrie Underwood: Babe of the week #15 (Apr. 2011)

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You know in all seriousness, I can't really wrap my mind around the concept that a certain gal isn't really hot simply because there might be another gal similar looking or better looking. And this is why I'm struggling with these "generic" comments. It seems almost as if that's the standard we're going to apply, are hardly any of these "babes" worthy of a "thumbs up?"

I'm guessing I'm saying I don't "grade on a curve."
To me "generic" doesn't mean she looks like a million other equally hot chicks. To me generic means she fits with what our society generally considers beautiful features, but nothing about her stands out to my own specific personal idea of attractive. When I see this week's BOTW, I don't see anything wrong with her at all, but I also don't notice any particular feature about her that I personally find hot. I see a pretty girl with good makeup, a good hair stylist, and nice lighting that makes her look good.
If I don't find one of these babes of the week hot, it doesn't mean my standards are higher, it just means my preference is different, and not what media always shows us as the "babe". I tend to prefer "cute" rather than "hot" anyway.
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