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Re: The Continuity of Days Gone By

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I'm really glad that people are finding that thread of use. I was afraid that nobody would care. .
I for one have found your 'Charting the Novel-verse' thread extremely interesting and useful, Turtletrekker. I've actually mined it extensively already for a project I'm working on. Thank you so much for all the information. If I have your blessing, I'm working on a website that will list everything connected in the Lit-verse in chronological order, with notes, for each series, and then a seperate chronological list of the entrie Lit-verse. I got about 80% of my info from your work, so I'd love your ok before I publish my site. (The other 20% of the info is from hours of scouring Memory-Beta and a few other places on the web. I've found about 15 or 20 more connections than are in the 'Charting the Novel-verse' thread.)
Throw an acknowledgment my way and maybe a link to this thread, and we're golden.
Thanks for all your help everyone, especially Turtletrekker.
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