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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

I said this before in another thread, but I'll repeat it here: In another, fairer world, this ship would be the Enterprise-F. But you've already designed it for someone else, so it's only fair it should belong to the party it was intended for.

I have not said this before, so I'll say it here for the first time: In yet another world, this ship should have been the Enterprise-D. I believe it more as a design lineage deriving three steps up from the Ent. A (assuming the Excelsior wasn't chosen as Ent. B). It's more mature, more graceful, and more believable.

And as a ship that's obviously well-armed, at the same time, it's not a warship. It's less like a Bradley tank or an aircraft carrier in terms of making the case, "Don't mess with me," and more like Diana Rigg as Emma Peel with a silencer. Hell no, I ain't messin' with her.

Grandeur is graceful, balanced, refined, majestic, potent, and tasteful. Nothing is pretentious. If your aim is to go from one point in the galaxy to another in style and class, this is your vehicle, baby. And yes, Vektor, this is indeed your very best work to date.

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