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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

I just finished the book and have to say it was one of the harder Star Trek books to read through. I'll admit that I am not the smartest person but I had some difficulty grasping the various spacial anamolies.

I thought the development of Geordi's relationship could have been written better. After all these years, I think Geordi deserves something. There wasn't really any level of romance atleast compared to past star trek novels with other characters such as Troi/Riker, Worf/Choundary and Picard/Crusher.

Finally I thought much of the dialogue frequently strayed from the story or was not consistently written in the same tone. For example, there was just too many uses of "great job!", "great idea!" or "genius!".

But what I am most or dissapointed in is the development of a DS9 character. I fully understand that this has nothing to do with the author and more with the way the franchise is being steered to. It just seems there won't be a unified DS9 storyline anymore.

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