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Re: SCRE4M (Film 2011) Discussion/Grade *Spoilers!*

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Yep. Kevin Williamson should have stuck with the third one. I forgot why he departed the franchise. I'm glad he's back. His involvement with Four is one of the reasons why I'm so excited.
When it was time to start working on Scream 3, Williamson was already tied up with Dawson's Creek, Teaching Mrs. Tingle and developing Glory Days, and he couldn't devote the time to writing the script, so he went to Craven, gave him his notes and a treatment, and said, "Good luck." For what it's worth, Williamson's outline had the whole Stab 3 / killer is Sidney's brother plot, but it was actually set in Woodsboro.

I'm glad to see a positive review of the movie; when Williamson left the project and Ehren Kruger came in to do rewrites, I got pretty nervous.
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