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Re: Carrie Underwood: Babe of the week #15 (Apr. 2011)

You know in all seriousness, I can't really wrap my mind around the concept that a certain gal isn't really hot simply because there might be another gal similar looking or better looking. And this is why I'm struggling with these "generic" comments. It seems almost as if that's the standard we're going to apply, are hardly any of these "babes" worthy of a "thumbs up?"

I'm guessing I'm saying I don't "grade on a curve."
Everybody has an ideal, whether they realize it or not. You have to or you can't properly determine hotness on any scale. It's not about grading on a curve. In your mind, Carrie Underwood is hot according to some standard. You just aren't conscious of it. You see her as hot, period.

I have a standard. I compare every woman to the ones I consider the Hottest on The Planet (a list they're not even considered for if they're not brunette) followed by the Hottest of the Rest, followed by Generally hot, followed by "Women People keep telling me are Hot but I just don't see it." For me, Carrie Underwood falls somewhere in between the last two categories.
"That's another thing Hollywood gets wrong. Real women EAT."

-Tom Clancy

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