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Re: Multiple omic book series focusing on the same character

No no no no!

(well - maybe not that vehement )

I think to start with the Geoff Johns era you should start with Rebirth and Recharge and read "Secret Origins" only at it's proper time (in the published order).

I strongly recommend using this Amazon list as a timeline for the GL-centric collections to read.

Please note that while it covers everything GL, when you come to Blackest Night there are a few more Blackest Night related trades than are covered by the above list. That's cos the list is focusing only on the GL and GLC related items. And as these other collections talk about other people (Catwoman, Atom etc.) I think they are not being collected in this GL/GLC-centered list.

I have used that list for the longest time for doing my GL-specific reading and thank the list-creator/maintainer "Drake" - he has done a good job keeping it updated and listing future collections.

Edit- What's "A Perfect Life"? Might be prior to the reboot? (or maybe I haven't come across it as yet)
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