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Re: Has TNG Been Remastered?

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The spaceships have all been shot on film, and they are of excellent quality, as the above image shows. So if they redo all the VFX with crappy CGI, I won't buy it. The CGI in TOS-R was an enhancement over the blurry and noisy VFX. But CGI certainly won't be an enhancement over the TNG effects.
The effects will need to be redone for 1080p... not just because of quality, but for the sake of introducing more variety into the sfx.
Err... who made the rule that it needs more variety in the VFX? I'd rather have the exact same shots over an over again from the original run in the quality I posted above, just like they have been in the original episodes, than a thousand different new shots in TOS-R quality.
Variety is good for advertising something "NEW" for people to see in the series. On top of that, the moderate number of new angles, new ships, starbases and large number of new mattes, etc for the TOS-R discs were a huge success and huge attraction.

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