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Re: Carrie Underwood: Babe of the week #15 (Apr. 2011)

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BTW RJDiognes, if Carrie Underwood and Minka Kelly would be generic women in the circles you run with, then you my friend are one lucky guy. Send some of them my way would you?
What does it have to do with people I know? I don't know any professional singers, either.
I think the point he was implying is that you must be constantly surrounded by beautiful women if these kinds of women are just generic-looking to you. If they're more attractive than 99% of the people you've ever seen, they aren't REALLY generic, are they?

That's the gist of what I was getting at too. It's certainly fair to say you aren't really ATTRACTED to someone, as that's unique and personal, and tastes vary so much that what one person likes might be repulsive to someone else, and so on. Where I start having the problem is when people put on airs and start going off on how generic the woman looks. Maybe some of these people in here ARE constantly surrounded by models, but I tend to doubt it. Seeing as the nature of how these women end up in these threads anyway, seems the 'thumbs down' option sort of selects itself out of the pool. With few exceptions for just strange women and whatnot, seems like saying she's certainly pretty/attractive, but not really your TYPE is as low as it could go.

And for additional entertainment, the people telling us how ugly the women in here look are usually the same ones fawning and drooling over any picture posted by a female poster in the picture threads. Just feels weird that there's nothing they are interested in when a model is on the screen, but when it's someone in 'real life', there's no hesitation to look past all sorts of things and latch onto the fact that they have pretty eyes or something. Is it because the women in these threads aren't "real" people somehow? Or is it like porn, where the more you are exposed to something, the further you need to take it to get a reaction? Since it's usually blondes getting dumped on for that here, thinking that's a part of it, but dunno...
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