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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

33. Tangled: B+
34. Paul Blart Mall Cop: C-
35. Chloe: B
36. Kung Fu Panda: B-
37. Centurion: B

I originally put this in my Netflix queue because I like historical pieces and at least I knew Olga Kurylenko. Now I've seen the movie and realize that Michael Fassbender is in it as well. This Fassbender guy has a legion of groupies in the X-Men: First Class thread. Honestly, I hope he's good in X-Men but I'm not getting their passion for the guy now that I've seen him, but I digress.

The movie takes place during, no, at the end of the 20yr campaign of Rome to conquer Britain. However they are being thwarted by the Picts. The Ninth Legion has lost a battle and fleeing back to Roman occupied territory. The Picts are chasing them the whole way. Just as our main lead Mr. Fassbender, aka Quintas Dias makes it back to the under construction Hadrian's Wall in Roman occupied territory. Then there is the end, it doesn't go well for the returning hero, I'll just say that.

The movie has a very simple straight forward plot. The action sequences save the movie a letter grade imo.
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