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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

I don't know if I have already commented on this ship or not. But if not, it is about time I did. The Avalon II is a beautiful vessel. She is very graceful, and the inclusion of a neck-but-not-quite-a-neck works extremely well, just like with Arrogant, Frontier, and Venture classes. Which I think isn't very easy to pull off. The nacelles are also very creative, and very graceful, just like the rest of the ship.

I also love how you added all those details with her being able to separate her hull. And to think that you don't want to do the same with the Magellanic class. I would personally prefer if you added that same type of in depth design details to your Enterprise F, in the same way that I wouldn't have the Grandeur without her ability to hull separate.

And I agree with Kaiser; it is about d@mn time that there be a Trek animated series. I mean, Lucas Arts was pretty smart coming up with Star Wars: The Clone Wars. CBS should follow suite, and do some serious marketing, otherwise, if things keep up they way they have been, Star Wars will constantly have more popularity than Star Trek. I mean, when I visit the book store, there are a lot of Star Wars reference books. Star Trek? One, maybe two. So CBS better get cracking, or else...
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