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Re: The Continuity of Days Gone By

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I had wondered if Pawns and Symbols was meant to tie into Ford's version of the Klingons, but didn't know for sure.
No, definitely not. It was before inter-novel continuity really existed yet, except between successive works by the same author. As far as I recall, nothing prior to Dwellers in the Crucible referenced Ford's Klingons.

That's actually the same list I had compiled myself as well, except I didn't have Shadow Lord or Uhura's Song. However the list I compiled contains The Abode of Life, Chain of Attack, and The Final Nexus. Ingrit Thompson appears at least in the final book of that trilogy.
Ah, okay, I was wondering if those three fit in. Though it's a reach to call them a trilogy, since the latter two books were quite a few years later, by a different author, and only a loose followup to Abode.
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