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Re: The Continuity of Days Gone By

Thrawn wrote: View Post
The information in the "Charting the Novel-verse" thread pinned at the top of the forum should be more than sufficient.
I actually knew there was more to add to what's in that thread, so that's why I brought it up.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
A few authors used an alien alternate communications officer, the grey-skinned Mahase, an Eseriat. A few also used the tentacled Sulamids as crewmen.
KingDaniel wrote: View Post
I think the Black Fleet was mentioned in (I think) Children of Kings.
Thanks to both of you for these little tidbits that I didn't know about.

Christopher wrote: View Post
A lot of the mid-'80s novels drew on Ford's Klingons and Duane's Rihannsu; they pretty much came to be regarded as the definitive interpretations. Perhaps the one exception is Pawns and Symbols, which came out after The Final Reflection but portrayed the Klingons in an incompatible way.
I had wondered if Pawns and Symbols was meant to tie into Ford's version of the Klingons, but didn't know for sure.

Christopher wrote: View Post
The Entropy Effect
Yesterday's Son
The Wounded Sky
The Final Reflection
My Enemy, My Ally
The Vulcan Academy Murders
Uhura's Song
Shadow Lord (references McIntyre's Sulu backstory)
Dwellers in the Crucible
Crisis on Centaurus
Deep Domain
The Romulan Way
How Much for Just the Planet?
The IDIC Epidemic
Time for Yesterday
Rules of Engagement
Doctor's Orders
Strangers from the Sky
Spock's World
The Lost Years and its sequels

The list is mainly in publication order, with hardcovers last, for my convenience. The in-story chronological order would be very different.

There are others I'm not so sure of. Maybe Enterprise: The First Adventure or Final Frontier could go in there too, but I don't recall any cross-references offhand.
That's actually the same list I had compiled myself as well, except I didn't have Shadow Lord or Uhura's Song. However the list I compiled contains The Abode of Life, Chain of Attack, and The Final Nexus. Ingrit Thompson appears at least in the final book of that trilogy.

Anyway, thank you so much Christopher for your help!
You're the new KRAD of amazing amounts of Trek-lit trivia.

Turtletrekker wrote: View Post
I'm really glad that people are finding that thread of use. I was afraid that nobody would care. What you would be looking for is listed in the TOS section listed under "The Rihannsu-verse", but I think Christopher actually listed more books than I did.


I'm pretty sure that all of these slipped my notice in the "Charting" thread. As I'm trying to find time to work on an update to the "Charting" thread, I hope you don't mind a few qustions on specifics? Any help would be appreciated.
I for one have found your 'Charting the Novel-verse' thread extremely interesting and useful, Turtletrekker. I've actually mined it extensively already for a project I'm working on. Thank you so much for all the information. If I have your blessing, I'm working on a website that will list everything connected in the Lit-verse in chronological order, with notes, for each series, and then a seperate chronological list of the entrie Lit-verse. I got about 80% of my info from your work, so I'd love your ok before I publish my site. (The other 20% of the info is from hours of scouring Memory-Beta and a few other places on the web. I've found about 15 or 20 more connections than are in the 'Charting the Novel-verse' thread.)

I plan to have links to important Treklit sites and author anotations. I still lack about two month's worth of work at the rate I'm going and then I'll publish to the web. Then I hope to begin work on another page that will expand the chronological list to include every Trek story ever published. That should be a considerable feat. Even though mine will be mostly a reading order list and not a detailed chronology, as far as I can tell all the major Trek chronologies on the web haven't been updated in a long time. I'll keep everyone updated when I get the site up.

Thanks for all your help everyone, especially Turtletrekker.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
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