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Re: Carrie Underwood: Babe of the week #15 (Apr. 2011)

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I'm not sure your analogy is quite right, but your point is taken. That being said, I'm very sympathetic to Scout's thoughts.

However upon consideration, I realize I often lament that people can't offer a personal preference or personal opinion on this board without somebody coming along and taking a personal swipe at the person offering the opinion/personal preference. It irks me to no end when people do that to me. So while I'm still in state of over these votes, I have to realize that as I often say it's "different strokes for different folks."

BTW RJDiognes, if Carrie Underwood and Minka Kelly would be generic women in the circles you run with, then you my friend are one lucky guy. Send some of them my way would you?

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