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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

So we're near half of 2011 and the release date is 2012 (summer or winter?).

That gives them about a year to year and a half to do the whole movie from beginning to end and isn't that a bit cutting it close?

This is no arthouse flick with mainly dialogue and some cheap sets that can be done in a few months.. i'm fully prepared for a push back in release date especially since all the Marvel movies lately have been pushing towards Avengers.

Anyone know about a timetable or when they're starting principal photography? Up thread there's mentioning of Ruffallo soon beginning to film his Banner/Hulk scenes but apparently Whedon isn't even done with the script yet.

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I heard this on the IGN Keepin' it Reel Podcast the other day and a listener sent in a what if question regarding Agent Coulson somehow dying and being brought back later on (maybe in a sequel) as Vision 'through the combination of Stark's hologram tech and the artificial intelligence Jarvis based on Coulson's mind.' Clark Greg even looks right for the role. What do you guys think if something like this happened?

The amount of characters is already kind of cluttered, but I think it would be pretty cool.
I don't think so.. Coulson has proven be be quite popular and that idea is frankly.. shit. If Vision is to be in the Avengers movie he will most likely get a new and adapted background since Pym will only have a cameo and Ultron isn't mentioned at all (but would make for a good main villain). I think Coulson is needed to ground the whole movie in a sort of realism.. the superheroes as the powerful speartip but Shield/normal humans form the basis and Coulson could be the stand in for all the Shield personell.
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