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Re: Multiple omic book series focusing on the same character

Actually this (having characters in multiple comic books) can become a problem if anybody wants to read up on a particular character or event in a more or less chronological order. Basically it's the old crossover problem where in order to tie everything together you have to buy into several books.

This means that something like Spider-Man becomes a problem to follow - When is it that a particular story that was covered in ASM (Amazing Spider-Man, the flagship title) "breaks" down and gets covered in "other" titles. I remember trying to read something related to either The Other or storylines from that period and from a six-part (six-issue) story, only 3 parts or so were covered in the flagship title of ASM. For the others, it was other titles that needed to be "bought" (or read at the library, in my case). It's basically a ploy to boost sales of a different book. That's why I really liked it when Marvel for a little while "shut down" their other Spidey titles and made ASM 3-times a month. {Edit - It's too bad that they did that right after One More Day which did bad things for Spidey's character-set being a major "reboot"/retcon of Spidey history. Oh well...}

I am right now in the process of reading the Blackest Night hardcovers and it's a major problem keeping it all straight in the head. eg. I am reading the Green Lantern Corps Blackest Night collection and the Green Lantern Blackest Night collection. In one of the Green Lantern parts, Munk (one of the Indigo tribe's lanterns) is sent by Indigo-1 (I think that's her name, to Oa to help the lanterns). He just disappears from the story at that point in the Green Lantern collection. When I read the GLC collection, there he appears (somehow magically) to warn/help the GLs against the Black Lanterns. I had to stop and stretch my mind to remember that how he got here was covered in a side story.
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