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Re: The Time Trap vs. The Counter Clock Incident

Neither are favs of mine, but I agree with Christopher about Robert and Sarah April. The story's concept is interesting, but really, the only plus of "The Counter Clock Incident" is the two retirees and the little bit of exposition they deliver. Even they annoy me a tad, early on when Sarah's standing there letting the precious petals of her plot device flower fall off, littering the deck of the bridge. You'd think I had OCD that scene bothers me so much. The rest of the episode, just... ugh. Contradictions and inconsistencies galore.

"The Time Trap" is an interesting story with the forced peace of those previously trapped, and I have to admire Kirk's determination to escape as he balks at those quitters. Still, it is a product of its time (I love the devious lady Klingon with afro), and the Klingon bridges always leave me wanting to play "Connect Four."
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