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Nice. A lot of desert in that world, I've never seen that much before. Now what you need to do is cut down all the trees and build a comprehensive road network, that's the true sign of civilisation. (Yeah, my environmental protection policy is long dead.)

Here is what I've been working on in my world for the last few weeks:

I started with a bridge over to my monster trap, and it was while working on that that I noticed how imposing that structure was and I decided to build a facility around it to make the approach more impressive. Then I built a glass-ceilinged tunnel under the water, which you can just about see running parallel to the bridge. Currently, I'm working on my biggest project yet: I've walled off the end of my peninsula and I've started placing wooden houses there, sort of like a town that has formed around the castle. Included in that will be a little marina and a church dedicated to Notch. When completed, that whole area behind the wall should be a safe-zone where no monsters can spawn.
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